How YOU can help…

First of all THANK YOU for wanting to help. We cannot do this without you. Our lives are devoted to the Sanctuary, we work full time jobs just to keep it going. Our salaries go into the feeding, vet care and upkeep of the animals in our care but it is never enough. We are constantly looking for a cheaper source of feed, for free vegetables and fruit for anything that will allow us to keep on doing what we are doing.

  • By far the most popular way for pig lovers to help is to ‘adopt’ one of the pigs. Most people cannot keep a pig but would love to. For as little as R100 a month - $10, roughly - you can choose your pig from our herd and we will update you on life events, send pics etc. You can do this for one month or for 12 months - entirely up to you.

On the twelth month of adoption, providing we have your mailing address - we will send you something special from your pig person. An autographed photo, perhaps, or a little bit of pig art or a t-shirt… will be your pig’s gift to you for loving them.  Go to our Sponsor a Pig page and choose your new soul mate. And thank you.

  • You can always help with our vet bill - constantly updated on our vet page with bank details etc.
  • Building materials, corrugated iron, bricks, shade cloth, pallets, fencing. Pigs are very destructive and are constantly rubbing against anything, nosing things up or pushing things over. Their comfort and curiousity in the moment is far more important than the transitory object in their way - even if it is their kennel or shelter.
  • Blankets, straw for bedding and breakfast in bed, fruit, vegetables, bread, oat hay, all welcomed.
  • And YOU. Come visit us (by appointment only, we work shifts and full time), spend time with the pigs and belly rub to your heart’s content and peace. Come and experience the pigs.

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