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Pigs ‘n’ Paws is a registered NPC– we take in un-wanted, abused and abandoned pet pigs and give them sanctuary, allowing them to live as natural lives as possible. All our pigs are free roaming, constantly inter-acting with us and each other – though we do separate the Senior pigs from the younger stronger ones especially around meal times. We realised when we got our first pig as a pet in 2004 that there would be a need for a pig Sanctuary in SA – too many people were buying piglets from pet shops and breeders without realising all the consequences of owning a pig. Although they make wonderful pets, they are not easily manageable, are highly intelligent, manipulative and destructive if lonely or bored. And of course, people did not realise that ‘farm’ animals are not allowed within certain areas which gave their neighbours plenty to complain about. We have taken in Pot Bellies from Sandton, had a pig flown to us from George, taken in pigs from pet shops when they could not be sold, rescued pigs abandoned on properties when people moved and taken in 5 pigs from a lady whose husband threatened to send to the abattoir. We have also gone into Informal Settlements and educated people on how to keep their pigs and what to feed them – the conditions were horrendous – and needless to say, rescued a few dying piglets that we managed to breath life back into.

As for the Paws part on the NPC– we also foster rescue dogs, rehabilitate and re-home them using proper adoption procedures, applications, home checks etc. We use the ‘Pack’ method of rehabilitation allowing the dogs the freedom to live around us and in our home. This gives the lost and the traumatised the warmth of being in a home and the stability and companionship of being in a pack. All our dogs are sterilised, vaccinations are up to date and are de wormed regularly.

Any and all donations welcome.

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        Pigs ‘n’ Paws

        Standard Bank South Africa

        Northgate Branch

        Branch Code 001106

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        Account No. 301 134 537.

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